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Oddley Creative is the name of my independent design studio based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My name is Julia Stacey and I've been designing and creating for 12 years. Helping small business owners stand out in their industry with stunning visuals is what I do best.

Creative Solutions


Branding your business and having a clear image to project to the world is one of the most important aspects to ensuring success. I can work with you to create a clear and consistent identity for your business that can be used across everything you do.


If you have a business today, you need a website - no doubt about it. I work with you to establish the goals, call to action, and overall user experience of your website. Then I work with a developer to design and develop an entirely custom website for your business.


I can work with you to determine which social media accounts are relevant for your business and then get them entirely set up and ready for you to post. We can also work together on scheduled graphics for promotions and other social media posts made by your company.